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Track: i've lost you

Artist: Beat Happening

Album: Dreamy

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Anonymous asked: out to some friends and not to family and im definitely struggling with it i really want to be straight but i know im not im becoming more accepting of that but i dont know many lesbians my own age :( :(

I’m sorry, I’m honestly not sure how to meet more people your age. I think that the internet is a really great way to start and really helpful tool for that. tumblr especially. it’s super easy to meet likeminded people who live close by. and I’m really glad to hear you’re becoming more accepting of yourself. I’m so glad to hear that!

also if you’re under 18 minus18 is a network for young lgbt+ people in Australia. it might be a good place to go to start with. it’s based in melbourne, but some of my friends here are members and i think it’s been a godsend for them.

All the best, if you ever want to chat, feel free to come off anon and i can add you on fb or something, or send another message. I hope things get easier for you :)

Track: Art Is Hard

Artist: Cursive

Album: The Ugly Organ

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Anonymous asked: i find it really hard being gay and i dont know how to cope anymore

is there a reason in particular anon?
I’m really sorry to hear

just know, that it doesn’t change who you are as a person, as corny as it is to say it doesn’t determine your worth. there are crummy as hell straight people and there are crummy as hell LGBTQ+ people. and there are nice as hell people of both, y’know? it can be hard to accept parts of yourself for whatever reason (fear of backlash, rejection etc.), it can be really hard.

I haven’t struggled with my sexuality, being straight I never had to come out or w/e and im very lucky for that, but there are definitely parts of myself I have/still do struggle to accept. but homie; love is love. whoever you love if you can let yourself love them it’s gonna be beautiful.

Track: Conversation With Dr. Seussicide

Artist: I Hate Myself

Album: 10 Songs

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